Wednesday, January 16, 2008

114 Years Old and Registered to Vote!

Virginia Call celebrated her 114th birthday by registering to vote. If a 114-year-old can register to vote, surely everyone else can! Call -- who was born in 1894 -- hasn't voted in 20 years. Her registration lapsed and was never updated. Officials at the Board Of Elections and the city said they are very proud of Call, and so is her family.

"She said she would vote if they would come by to vote her. But she wasn't able to go and vote," said John H. Taylor. So election officials brought over the paperwork and now she can cast her ballot in the upcoming presidential primary.

Sis. Call is now registered. What are you waiting on? ... your 115th birthday?


MrsGrapevine said...

You know this is a close an exciting election when a 114 year old person who hasn't voted in 20 years decides to register. If she can do it, anyone 18 years and up can too.

Yobachi said...

Well, ones never to old to vote.