Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Voting Heads To North Carolina and Indiana

Well, there is Guam on May 3rd first, but no one seems to be too concerned with the 4 delegate wielding U.S. territory.

Delaware Online states that

"The next big date on the Democratic presidential primary schedule is May 6, when voters in Indiana and North Carolina go to the polls. At stake are 187 delegates.

Even as they courted voters in Pennsylvania for Tuesday's primary, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton were spending time in North Carolina and Indiana.

Illinois Sen. Obama is looking to North Carolina to regain momentum after Clinton won Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Clinton, the senator from New York, hopes Sen. Evan Bayh will help her carry his home state of Indiana and keep her hopes alive.

Meanwhile, the U.S. territory of Guam holds its presidential contest May 3 with a handful of delegates up for grabs."

Voter registration has passed in Indiana for the primaries; but folks there should still go ahead and get registered for the fall. In North Carolina, you can register through in person and vote through May 3rd. If you wait until election day, May 6, you can only vote if already registered.

Here's to Black voters showing up and showing out for whomever their candidate may be.

You can look at summaries of a litany of contradictory Indiana polls here that lead to a belief that the state is about even right now.

As far as North Carolina, the Real Clear Politics average, an average of all recent polls, has Obama up by 15.5%.

Also in the Real Clear Politics average, Obama is leading McCain nationally 46 to 44, while McCain and Clinton are tied at 45 apiece.


Villager said...

Any word on who is ahead in Guam?

Yobachi said...

Not that I know of. No one seems to care so no entities are providing any information on it.

It only has 4 delegates, so...