Friday, August 29, 2008

An Example of What Black Bloggers Can Do - Michelle Obama Vid

One of the main reasons why it was important for Black bloggers to be at the convention was to document the happening and the history from the perspective of Black, unfettered by corporate interest; so taht we are always able to tell our story.

I've posted these many post from the credentialed bloggers at the convention to show that regular people can get involved and be apart of the process.

Here's a video clip of the Black Caucus of the DNC captured by blogger Adrianne George:

You can check out more from Adrianne at the Black Women In Europe blog

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Black Women in Europe said...

Yobachi, it's amazing what one can do with a digital camera that records photos, videos, and audio! And I felt blessed to be front row center when Michelle Obama addressed the DNC Black Caucus.