Monday, September 15, 2008

Tennessee/Pennsylvania You Have Til October 6th To Get Registered To Vote

From the ones I am aware of, Tennessee and Pennsylvania appear to have the earliest voter registration deadlines: October 6th.

If you’re not familiar with how voting works, you cannot just show up on electionday. You first have to register so that it can be confirmed that you are an eligible voter. If you have not registered by the registration deadline, you will not be able to vote in the upcoming elections.

In Pennsylvania, the deadline to register to vote is 30 days prior to each election. Applications received after that date will be processed for the next primary, special, municipal or general election. To participate in the 2008 Presidential General Election, register by October 6, 2008.

Make sure you’re registered in time for the next election. Confirm your registration.

Tennessee's voter registration page is here.

If you live in Nashville you can come out to our "Voter Registration and Felon Rights Restoration". The info in the link is for the event we did on Sept 6th, but the one we'll be doing this Saturday is the same time, same place, same thing; just a different date (September 20th)

Another issue that most people are not familiar with; if you haven’t voted in the last two elections you will be purged from the voting rolls. You need to make sure that you are still registered even if you have previously registered. In Tennessee you can check your status here

Also, if you've moved you'll want to be sure that your current address matches up with your voting registrations; less you be caught in the same position as South Carolina’s Governor on election day:

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