Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OURstory: Ballot Box

The Ohio Historical Society is loaning a ballot box from the post-Civil War era to the America I AM exhibit when it comes to Cincinnati Museum Center on June 19.

All proud Black voters know that the 13th Amendment ended the system of slavery in America, while the 14th Amendment granted citizenship and the rights that came with it to African Americans. The 15th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote. These three (3) admendments to the US Constitution had a deep impact on our society.

After the 15th Amendment was ratified, African Americans sent 17 Black representatives to Washington – 15 to Congress and two to the U.S. Senate -- in a remarkable period of American history known as 'Reconstruction'.

I share this information in the hopes it will remind us 21st century citizens that freedom is never free. Many of our ancestors went through quite alot to get us the right to vote. Let's not take it for granted!

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DMARKG Associates Inc. said...

I understand America today has risen from those horrid past of those days, and am thankful, however, will this current U.S. country continue to move forward like how Japan did when they got nuked twice? I sure hope so. As a minority myself, I always strive to move forward, understand the past and never re-live those events since its always best to move forward and make greater history.