Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tim Kaine Meets With Black Bloggers

Democratic National Committee chair Tim Kaine recently met with a number of Black bloggers. Here are links to the blog posts that resulted from that meeting held last month:
  1. Electronic Village - Conversation With DNC Chair Tim Kaine
  2. Independent Bloggers' Alliance - DNC Chairman Meets With Black Political and Social Action Bloggers
  3. Indie Business Blog - My Meeting with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine
  4. Jack & Jill Politics - Pimping of, or Influence of Black Bloggers?
  5. Jeneba Speaks - 7 Things the DNC Should Do to Encourage Higher Than Expected Turnout From Its Base
  6. Jeneba Speaks - Photos of My Meeting With DNC Chair Tim Kaine
  7. Legal Speaks - DNC Chair Tim Kaine Meets With Black Bloggers
  8. MyDD - DNC Chairman Meets With Black Bloggers
  9. Politic365 - DNC Looks to Partner With Black Bloggers at Midterm, Beyond
  10. The Black Snob - DNC's Tim Kaine Talks Community Outreach, Mid-Term Elections With Black Bloggers
  11. TheLoop21 - How the Dems Are Preparing For Mid-Term Elections

1 comment:

Donna Maria @ Indie Business said...

This was a fantastic meeting and I really enjoyed connecting with DNC Chair Kaine, his team and the bloggers in attendance. I was encouraged to learn that the Democratic party is committed to supporting legislation and policies that support and empower micro-business development and are keenly aware that new laws impact these companies in far more devastating ways than they impact their large counterparts.