Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is the Black Vote Hillary Clinton's for the Taking?

The 2016 presidential race hasn’t officially started yet, but we all know the presumptive contenders for party nominee. One political brand name stands above the rest: Hillary Clinton. It can’t get any better once they make TV dramas that are a spin-off of your life.

But just like in 2008, when that brother with the other name jumped into one of the most heated primaries in recent political history, doubts abound. Is the second time Clinton’s charm? If it’s a crowded Democratic-primary pack, will she catch as much black-voter share as assumed? Is there someone else, post-Obama, who can make a big play for black votes versus the Clinton machine? And once their primary is over, who on the Republican side could actually make a dent in the Democrats’ edge on African-American votes?

The Take turned to political strategist Tara Dowdell and political scientist Andra Gillespie for some perspective. Dowdell regularly appears on MSNBC, Al-Jazeera and Fox Business as a contributor. Gillespie is not only an associate professor at Emory University but also author of The New Black Politician: Cory Booker, Newark, and Post-Racial America. (The Root)

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