Saturday, March 22, 2008

Getting Registered To Vote For North Carolina Primaries

According to the State Election Boards Website you have until April 11th to to register to vote in the May 6th primary:

2008 Primary Election
May 6th
Last day to register to vote: Apr. 11
Absentee Voting: Mar. 17 - Apr. 29
One Stop Absentee Voting: Apr. 17 - May 3

Here’s some pertinent information on registering in N.C. fom N.C. More information can be found at

Where Can I Register to Vote?
You can register to vote, make change to your registration or obtain a mail-in registration form at the County Board of Elections Office in the county you intend to vote within. Additionally (in some counties, but not all) at:
* A public library,
* The Department of Motor Vehicles,
* Some Public Agencies,
* On the internet
Forms may be submitted by facsimile transmission, as long as a permanent copy of the completed, signed form is delivered to the county board no later than 20 days before the election.

When Do I Need to Register?
* If mailed, the registration form must be postmarked at least 25 days prior to the election
* If hand delivered or faxed, the registration form must be received no later than 5:00PM on the 25th day prior to the election.
Do I Have to Declare a Party?
Party affiliation determines the primary in which a voter is eligible to vote. You may register with the Democrat, Republican or Libertarian parties, or you may register as unaffiliated. Unaffiliated voters may vote in a party primary if authorized by that party. If you do not declare a party you will be registered as unaffiliated.

Do I Have to Contact the Board of Elections if I Want to Change My Registration Information?
Yes, if You:
* Have moved within the County since you registered in the County (it is a violation of state law to return to your old precinct and vote if you have moved more than 30 days)
* Have changed your name
* Want to change your party affiliation

Go here for online application form

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