Friday, March 7, 2008

The Vote Heads To Pennsylvania - Showdown Obama and Clinton

John McCain clinched the Republican nomination this past Tuesday night by reaching the magic number in his party of 1,191 delegates. Therefore the republican primaries and caucus from here on out are little more than a formality.

Though we still encourage those who would have voted on that side of the isle to still go to the polls because in many places there are other state and local
initiatives or elections on the ballot. Plus we always want Black voter turnout to be high, so politicians will be force to address our concerns. They really don't pay attention to people who don't vote.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama remain in a close race for the Democratic nomination. Before Pennesylvania(PA)the Democrats have a Caucus in Wyoming tomorrow and then a primary in Mississippi next Tuesday. But PA is the next big state, and one that the race can pivot on. The vote there is not until April 22nd; plenty of time for Pennsylvania's Black citizens to still get registered, and still convince others to come out to the polls. PA's voter registration deadline is two weeks before an election, so you have just over 2 weeks from today to get registered.

If you go here, this page will help you get registered. Pass on the link to others who may not be registered and encourage them to participate in the politics that effects their lives.

I found a website that might be of interest to PA voters:

Current headlines include:
1. Take Action on Emergency Bill to Protect 2008 Elections -- HR 5036
2. Voters association says paper ballots best for primary

If you still have questions after using the application that is linked above, go to the PA election commission site for more info and their phone number:

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